If you like building products instead of having meetings, TalkJS is the right place for you.

TalkJS is a chat API with all batteries included.

We’re a 100% distributed team with a small HQ in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. If you live near Eindhoven you're welcome to work from the HQ if you want. TalkJS is profitable, growing, and not dependent on venture funding.

One note: If a job listing doesn’t sound just like you yet, but very much like who you hope to become in the future, apply anyway. We’re in it for the long run, which means that we care more about attitude and potential than about hard skills today.

About TalkJS

Product driven

We care tremendously about quality.

We want TalkJS to be the what every developer thinks of when building chat features, a bit like what Stripe has become for payments. This means the product has to be excellent on all fronts. To make this happen, we hire great engineers and give them the maximum amount of freedom and trust to ship fantastic SDKs, APIs, and features.

Independent people solving challenging problems

When we say “maximum amount of freedom”, we really mean it. At TalkJS you’re the “product manager” of your own work and you run it all the way, alone or together, from inception until it’s in our customers’ hands. No micromanagers, almost no meetings, lots of collaboration.

Key culture highlights

Healthy work/life balance

Because you can't ship great stuff when you're tired and overworked.